Thursday, September 17, 2009

When in Rome...soaking up Albany, Georgia #1: The Jet Dragster

They say, when in Rome you've got to do as the Romans do. I think we miss out on a lot of life's richness when we don't do that.

Actually, when I toured Rome, Italy with my wife a few years ago, I ate some things I wouldn't step on at home. They turned out to be delicious, of course. I managed to put quite a few pounds of culture on these Georgia bones while I was over there.

It turns out you can get cultured right here in Albany, Georgia if you stop and look hard enough. Some culture won't even cost you any poundage.

I intend to post some things every now and then showing things that make the Albany, Georgia area unique to highlight our local culture. Someone once told me marketing is all about differentiation, i.e. promoting what makes you different than everybody else. Here's my first stab at it:

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me and my son to join him and his son at the Albany Dragstrip. Although I've lived in Albany for 30+ years of my life, I had never been.

It was quite an experience, especially considering it was only $10 per adult and free for children.

We saw/felt a jet car 30' away do the 1/8 mile @ 209 mph in 3.77 seconds. A video is below.

They don't do that in Rome...

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