Thursday, September 17, 2009

What is up with these 7 year criminal background searches?

I read something interesting from the FOX 31 website the other day regarding the ASU professor who was arrested for an alleged sexual assault. Fox 31 reported that ASU issued a statement that says something to the effect of "that in accordance with the Albany State University and the Georgia Board of Regents policies, an employment history background check is run on all applicants for a minimum of seven years." That is verbatim from FOX 31, and not necessarily verbatim from ASU.

As you may recall, it was a 7 year background check that failed to reveal Don Buie's prior conviction. FOX 31 News reported that this ASU professor who was arrested has two prior convictions -- one from the Atlanta area dating back to the 1980's for the solicitation of sodomy, but it was given first offender treatment. The most recent conviction was in Virginia in 2001, a misdemeanor for sexual battery.

Does anybody out there have a copy of the Georgia Board of Regents policy pertaining to background checks?

I am still trying to get a handle on exactly how far back the city should be going in doing its background checks...other than the obvious "as far as it can."

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